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When is the perfect time to get a home inspection? Anytime!

Inspections are not just about real estate transactions. Nothing lasts forever! By having an inspection, you can discover what is hidden. Think of an inspection as data collection. Knowing that your home is functioning properly can save you a significant amount of money. Perhaps it’s your well system cycling too often, or your HVAC system needs cleaning or maintenance. Maybe that DIY project is causing issues, or you need to verify if the person you hired for repairs did the job correctly. Water intrusion could be due to faulty flashing. Protect your investment by being informed.

If your water heater, HVAC, plumbing, roof, etc., are getting old, it is the perfect time for an evaluation. We do not repair homes, so we are unbiased and will provide honest recommendations.

What if my home fails? Home inspectors do not pass or fail homes. We evaluate and report directly to the client.

What about my privacy? We are there to evaluate the home, not your possessions. Our focus is solely on the home’s safety and function.

If it’s working, it’s not broken, right? Not necessarily.

Did you know? When your home is not functioning at its full potential, your electric bill will be higher. Don’t fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” trap.

Issues and potential issues only worsen over time; they don’t resolve themselves. Having information allows you the time to save and prioritize for the things lurking around the corner. Trust that home inspections are meant to give you peace of mind and ensure your investment’s longevity, collect data, and evaluate your home.